Router Admin Login Guide

One of the exciting things about routers is that many people know how to access the internet by using a router’s network, but very few people know how to set it up. If you have bought a router and now trying to figure out what is then don’t worry because to set up your router you will need to access the admin panel of it. is one of the most used private IPs by router making companies, and these are also called as gateways or access point. is a default private IP address which is similar to other primary IP addresses like Or 192.168. The list of companies which uses this IP address as a gateway is quite long, and it won’t be fair to list down every company’s name. So if you are told to use 192.168.01 IP address to access the admin panel, then in this article you will find the solution for your problem. Admin Login Guide

If you’re using routers made by D-Link, Linksys, and TP-Link, then you will have to use 192.168.01 as the primary IP address to get to the access point. Sometimes people forget the username or password of their routers, and when you want to change it, then you can do that by using IP address because that’s where you will find the admin panel.

How To Access Admin Login

Getting to the admin page of your router is far easy than you think and here is how you can do that by following simple steps.

  1. If you want to correctly set up your router login by using as a main IP address, then one thing which you shall do is open up the browser in your computer and type https // to access the administrative panel. Address
  2. Now you will have to enter the login username and password. Sometimes people because of the poor habit of not remembering things might forget it, but if you haven’t changed the default username and password, then you can enter that. Mostly, the default username and password of 192.168.o.1 configured routers are:
    Username: admin or administrator & Password: admin or administrator

    192.168.O.1 Login and Password
  3. After a successful login, you will be able to see the administrative panel on your computer screen, and there you will be to make necessary changes. Make sure what kind of things you want to change because sometimes you might end up with a more complex problem.

The common username and password which you will need to enter are almost the same for many routers. Most companies use admin, root, administrator, user as common usernames. A typical password for accessing the control panel of Login would be admin, password, 1234, unknown, user, root, guest, etc.

You can always find the list of username and password on the internet or company’s official website or it is also printed on the user manual of all the routers. Try to enter the valid username and password; otherwise, you won’t be able to get to the Login page successfully.

How To Change The Router Settings

Getting to the login page is not going to solve your problems automatically because once you have a hands-on control panel, then you will have to change it manually. So following are some things which you can modify after accessing the 192.168 login page.

  • WiFi Name– One of the necessary yet most important thing which every router user shall need to do is to set up a unique wireless network name. There are many people who after successfully to the control panel of 192.168.01 changes their WiFi’s name. It’s always good to pick up some funny and unique names because you show your sense of humor with it.
  • WiFi Password-  Another important thing which many people don’t give that much importance is a WiFi password. When you successfully 192.168.01 login one thing which you should do is to check whether the password is reliable or not. We would recommend you to use the strong password but not a complex one because in that case, you will have to use https // again to change it.
  • Network Settings – The internet connection to the ISP servers depends on the appropriate settings in the router. If you’ve configured the router according to the instructions from your ISP, then you won’t face any problems connecting to the internet. By accessing the admin panel, you can change the network settings for fixing the problems or while changing the ISP.

Facing Some Problem While Accessing 192.168.o.1

Sometimes you won’t be able to access the main IP address of 192.168.o.1 then the first thing which you shall do is to check whether any other devices are also sharing the same IP within the network. If that’s the reason, then you will have to use a different IP address.

If after using different IP addresses also you are facing some problems then the one thing which you need to do is to ensure all the connections are working fine. Check whether connectivity signals are flashing out or not because sometimes technical problems like this might cause be the reason behind not able to access 192.168. However, if the problem is with the hardware then, unfortunately, you can’t do anything about it, and in such case, it’s better to call take company’s help.

Final Words

So this is how by using 192.168.01 IP address you will be easily able to access the admin panel and change the settings of your router. As mentioned above this private IP address is used by many companies, but if your router can’t be accessed with it, then you will need to find the correct IP address. If you have got problems or doubts regarding accessing the control panel of the router, then feel free leave a comment below.

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